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Overview of SEO Consulting Services

About our SEO consulting services, our team of expert SEO consultants will not only simply improve the search ranking but also implement SEO strategies to maximize profits.

Face to face Interview: We find out where to improve your site and clarify the goals you want to achieve by improving SEO (traffic).
Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis: We choose the right keywords that can help you find the best search results on your site, and analyze the competition.
Proposal for internal SEO strategy & Implementation: We propose and implement strategies to improve your Google search ranking.
Content Planning & Creation: Writers with extensive web writing experience plan and create articles as needed.
Content Translation: We provide Japanese-translation service for English-speaking and Korean-speaking companies that are planning to enter the Japanese market.
Web site Analysis: We Analyze site inflow using tools such as Google Analytics. Propose a conversion improvement plan to increase profits and report the results.

Our SEO services are recommended for the following situations

Our SEO consulting is recommended for those who have the following issues and objectives.

  • You’ve just opened a website, but have no increase in access

  • You’re a start-up company that is about to start sales activities

  • You want to promote your company’s products and services on a website

  • You want to attract customers on a low budget

  • You’re handling SEO in-house but do not know where to start

  • You’re considering entering the Japanese market

  • You asked an advertising agency for web advertising, it was not cost-effective

  • You’re currently dissatisfied with the strategy and cost of the SEO consulting company currently contracted

Disadvantages of hiring a Major SEO Company

Major SEO consulting companies can be expensive and it may not be cost-effective. Also, there are consultants who take measures that do not fit the current SEO trends, such as proposing a large number of backlinks that were valid in the past, and there are also concerns about reliability.

Actually, in Japan there are some companies that charge a large consulting fee of 1 to 2 million yen per month, with only 4 articles with a small amount of text and a monthly PV number report and simple proposal of internal measures (no implementation).

Strengths & Features of SEO-in-Japan

For our SEO services, marketers who are currently engaged in in-house SEO will be in charge, but the ultimate goal is not to improve the search ranking but to consult for the following purposes.

  • Increase the number of conversions such as inquiries and purchases
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Enter the Japanese market and acquire customers
  • We also provide know-how on internal/external SEO strategies, and ultimately teach you to handle SEO within your company

We also provide services that go one step further from SEO strategies, such as site design and content planning to increase conversions, mainly at affiliate sites.

Our Results

●Site design and content planning/creation for the Travel media [TabiTimes]

For sites in Japan, we have handled everything from site design for travel media and bookmaker sites to content planning. In addition to improving existing sites, it is also possible to respond to new site production.

SEO Consulting Fee

First-time Consultation No charge
Basic Charge
Website Audit & Building SEO Strategy
From 200,000 Yen per month (depending on the size of your website)
Content Creation Normal articles: from 20,000 Yen per article, Interview articles: from 40,000 Yen per article
※Please consult separately for translated articles.

Production and operation of your media

Operating expenses: from 50,000 Yen(monthly), Initial cost: from 100,000 Yen


We provide face-to-face consultation every 2 months for companies in Tokyo.
Support by chat tools and email will be available at any time.

Minimum Contract Period From 3 months (depending on the size of the campaign)

All the above amounts are tax-excluded. We can respond not only to companies that build and operate websites but also to create and open websites from scratch.

Pricing example 1: When creating content in-house

If you have in-house resources to create and modify content, we can handle it at the basic cost (From 200,000 Yen).
The Basic Cost includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Access and Inflow Analysis
  • Content analysis & Creating a Content Plan

However, if an overseas company wants to translate existing content into Japanese, a separate translation fee will be incurred.

Pricing example 2:When requesting content creation

If you want to request content creation in addition to SEO consulting, content creation costs will be incurred in addition to the basic cost.
In content creation, it can be started with at least 4 articles per month.

  • Basic Charge: From 200,000 Yen per month
  • Creating 4 articles(2,500 Japanese characters each): From 80,000 Yen per month

Q&A regarding the SEO Consultation services

Frequently asked questions and answers about SEO consulting are summarized here. The measures and basic knowledge of SEO are also explained on this page.

※frequently updated

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